Join us at GLSEC 2018
April 30, 2018
Eberhard Center, Grand Rapids, MI

SoftwareGR’s annual Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference is a day long event is dedicated to building and enhancing the software industry in the region. The conference brings hundreds of software professionals and business leaders together for a day of learning and networking.

The theme of our conference this year is “Security / Privacy.”


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GLSEC ’18 Program Highlights
  • Featured Speaker  Aaron Bedra: It Starts and Ends with You
    • Walk through security skills you need as a developer, identifying common gaps and misconceptions and sharing resources to help you improve your security knowledge.

  • Brittany Postnikoff: Defending Against Robot Attacks (Main)
  • Gary Coburn: Defense in Depth, Google’s Methodology for Security (Auditorium)

  • Brian McKeiver: Doom, Gloom and the New GDPR, What’s a Web Developer To Do? (Main)
  • Aunshul Rege: A Temporal Assessment of Adversarial Intrusion Chains, Adaptation and Group Dynamics Using a Real-time Cybersecurity Exercise Case Study (Auditorium)

  • Tech Talks | Meetups and Beyond (Main)
    • Moderator: Danielle Cimek
    • Midwest Tech – Jonathan Jelks
    • – Christopher Kaminsky
    • BitCamp – Beth VanSlyke
    • CyberPatriot – Tamara Shoemaker

  • Kelley Goldblatt: Cyber Threats in Michigan (Main)
  • Michael Swieton: The Art & Craft of Secrets: Using the Crytographic Toolbox (Auditorium)

  • Chris Winczewski: Identity Access Management & Privacy by Design: A Win-Win Opportunity? (Main)
  • Kimberly Wolting: Welcome to the Dark Side: Anticipating Threats with Dark Personas (Auditorium)

  • Dave Poortvliet: Tracking Low Energy Bluetooth Devices (Main)
  • Sara-Jayne Terp: Social Engineering at Scale (Auditorium)

  • Post Conference Mixer with food and drinks at the Grand Rapids Public Museum
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