2019 Board of Directors

We have a fresh board, therefore we are excited to kick off 2019. GR-ISSA looks forward to a bright future.

Jared DeMott
Vice President
Molly Guthrie
Ruth Ferguson
Andrew Rozema
Nick Defoe
Vendor Relations

Aaron Bregg
Professional Outreach
Corwin Tobias
Marketing and Membership
Megan Marsteller
Special Projects
James King

We appreciate the work of all past board members. Above all, we will continue the association!

In the coming year, we will provide our current and past attendees with educational, fun experiences, and ways to connect with other security professionals. Our new board looks forward to meeting you in our roles – we will deliver email communications for our next event.

Be sure to thank Joanna Udo for her role as GR-ISSA president prior to the 2019 board. She has delivered nothing short of excellence and deserves thanks for fine leadership and ultimately people skills.

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